Chief People Officer

Private Equity backed TravelTech business with 800+ staff


Our client approached KING Search in need of an interim Chief People Officer (CPO) to lead the company’s HR efforts during a period of transition. The brief for the position called for a highly dynamic and strategic CPO with experience in change management, talent management, M&A and cultural transformation. We¬†worked closely with the client to understand their needs and developed a customised search strategy to identify the best candidates for the role.


We worked closely with the COO

The recruitment process involved a series of interviews with the candidates, including a comprehensive assessment of their skills, experience, and fit with the company culture. The candidates were also asked to provide case studies of their previous work in organisational development and cultural transformation to demonstrate their abilities.

After an extensive search, the client found a stand out candidate for the interim CPO role. The successful appointee was a highly experienced HR professional with a track record of success in organisational development and cultural transformation.


The company was happy with the outcome of the recruitment process and the resulting appointment of the interim CPO. The new CPO has been able to quickly establish herself as a trusted advisor to the senior leadership team and play a key role in driving the company’s success during the transition period.

Her expertise in talent management and cultural transformation helped the company to build a strong and engaged workforce that was aligned with the company’s values and goals.