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We work with Business Leaders and Leading Businesses across the South West.

We are a leading executive search and headhunting firm in the Southwest. Our approach is unique, thanks to The King Executive Method - Our bespoke 4-step leadership assessment programme.

At King Executive, we provide a premium level of service across the board, from mid to senior level professionals.

Supporting business growth, we work with Owner-Managed Businesses, through to Private Equity backed growth firms and large PLC’s.

We build transparent partnerships and, our focus is on selecting leaders of industry and leaders of the future to effect high performance and growth.

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98% success rate

98% success rate

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Introducing the King Executive Method. Our bespoke 4-stage leadership assessment programme is designed to attract high-level specialists who are at the top of their field.

King Executive works with successful and high growth businesses of all sizes across the South West.

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Representing your candidacy effectively and confidentially.

We make 30% of our hires ‘happen’ via targeted and proactive introductions. Meaning, the role previously didn’t exist.

Whether your next strategic career move is now or in the future, we work in partnership with you.

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Executive Women

King Executive Women is our brand new female only community!

Championing change and helping to position the very best female leaders for success. Our pledge is to present an even ratio split of women to men on all of our shortlists – where humanly possible!

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This is our specialised recruitment proposition.

We work across a broad range of commercial positions, whether it’s business development, technical & IT, business services, finance and digital.

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7 Top Reasons To Use Retained Search

7 Top Reasons To Use Retained Search In a disrupted world of business with ever-increasing layers of complexity and rapid change, a well-executed executive-level appointment can mean the difference between success or failure. Prior to the pandemic, your business may have kept this vital search in-house, leveraged its own network, or hired a contingency recruiter. However, the process perhaps wasn't…

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How to manage removing a board member

When to remove a board member and how to manage it Boards can be complex, challenging and even disjointed if there is conflict. Sometimes you simply have to remove a board member. There can be a range of scenarios where a board member or members no longer feel like a cohesive part of the board. For all the good intentions…

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The case for the “SELF-DISRUPTIVE” LEADER. With certainty that businesses will face greater uncertainty, a very different leader is required to face all of the challenges, swerves and disruption. If companies are to avoid self-destructing, leaders need to embrace (rather than simply react to) the external disruptions they face. To beat disruption, they literally  need to “disrupt” themselves—their thoughts, their…

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Will 2021 really see a war on talent?

MISCONCEPTIONS We hear it all the time....But aren't there lots of candidates out there....? It's going to be easy to hire, I'll just put out an advert and have lots of applications right? Actually, mainly wrong but partly right. If you are simply looking for somebody in Customer Service, you will probably have lots of choice. However, if you are looking for…

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How to ‘stand out’ and win your next job opportunity

How to stand out from the crowd and win your next job opportunity. Yes, it’s an obvious statement but the UK jobs market has been hit hard. Recent research by McKinsey says that 7.6m jobs are at risk in the UK and that is set to rise. And, in the last couple of weeks alone, we’ve seen a steep rise…

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By supporting you as a leader, we aim to operate as your trusted search partner throughout the whole of your career and this positively influences the impact in the wider South West business community.

Join the community here and enjoy peer group news, events, insights and advice.

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