The importance of wellbeing for the workplace: King Recruit’s top 5 tips for the winter season. 

At King Recruit, we are big on wellbeing, fitness, taking regular breaks during the working day and signing the whole office for crazy challenges like the Bideford Half Marathon in March 2019!

We are increasingly leading “busy lifestyles” inside and outside of work, making the importance of making time for yours and your employees’ wellbeing vitally important for ongoing performance management.

In May the CIPD published their 18th annual survey to explore issues of health, well-being and absence in UK workplaces. The fast-changing world of work and the constant demands it places on employers and employees means that our grasp of employee well-being can never stand still.

The Facts
Shockingly, but not unsurprisingly,

87% say technology affects people’s ability to switch off out of work hours 37% of organisations report that stress-related absence has increased

It’s not all doom and gloom as two-thirds of organisations have a flexible and inclusive working culture in place and 51% of organisations are increasing awareness of mental health issues across the workforce in comparison with just 31% in 2016. To see the full survey results click here.

King Recruit’s Top 5 tips to keep your health and wellbeing at its top level as we move into winter.

1. Regular exercise 

It’s a fact, exercise gives you more energy! Just 20 minutes a day of running, brisk walking, swimming, HIIT workouts etc will get your circulation and your mood into an elevated state.

2. Create break out areas 

Use this time to share work-based concerns with colleagues in a relaxed environment. Time to converse with colleagues has actually shown to increase productivity by a whopping 29%! Having a lunch break throughout the week has also shown to increase the sense of wellbeing at the weekend, giving an energizing rather than a draining effect when you hit Saturday morning.

3. Screen Breaks 

From stunting creativity to the effects on your retina and posture, screen breaks are vital to reenergize your enthusiasm throughout the day.

4. Regular quiet time

Reflect, relax and recharge – e.g. meditation (we love the *Head Space App), walking around a field, reading a book or any activity that literally gives you ‘Head Space’. Again this has shown to greatly improve employee productivity by a minimum of 20%.
5. Technology downtime

Switching everything off at 7pm and refraining from looking at emails until 8 am in the morning equals = Better Sleep = Better relationships = Less Stress = Greater work enjoyment.

*Head Space is simply “meditation for modern life”. They say that brilliant things happen when we have calmer minds and this is more important than ever in our fast-paced technological world.

Make your well-being your prime focus this winter and reap the benefits in your work life. Join the conversation on Twitter! @KingRecruit #workwellbeing