2019 is set to be a year of uncertainty with Brexit, high employment and continued Talent Shortages. Cheery isn’t it? Forewarned is forearmed, so with King Recruit’s positive spin on it, here are the top hiring trend suggestions to adopt in 2019! Employer Branding is King Recruit’s **Top Pick** Put simply, your brand sells your business.

1. Employee Referrals

Internal Employee referral programmes and incentives are a very productive way of hiring, research has proven that referred employees take the shortest time throughout the hiring process and are happier to take a lower salary. Another perk of an employee referral is that this will boost morale and employee engagement, they will want to attract candidates to the business portraying a positive message.

2. Inbound Recruiting

Inbound Recruiting, put simply, you aren’t going out to find the candidates, they come to you!
A benefit of inbound recruiting is you can start to build up your talent pool, so when a suitable position arises, you have a pool of high-quality applicants to choose from without the costly market campaign. Although this strategy takes time, it’s more of a pro-active approach to recruiting rather than a reactive immediate business need.

3. Employer Branding **King Recruit’s Top Pick**

Employer branding is the term commonly used to describe a company’s reputation and popularity as an employer. Research by LinkedIn has proven that more than 75% of job seekers research about a company’s reputation and employer brand before applying. Companies with a bad reputation not only struggle to attract candidates, but they also struggle to retain employees.

Your employer brand should be synonymous with all of your marketing activity and building a strategy around it will ensure that prospective candidates already know and trust your brand without having to ‘sell the benefits’ of working with you. Think Virgin, John Lewis, Apple, Coca-Cola, PWC

4. Candidate experience

“The candidate experience” of your recruitment process is key to the initial perception of your business. If the candidate experiences disorganisation, a lack of communication or has a negative experience it will make them question what the company will be like to work for.
A candidate experience is based on candidates’ feelings and attitudes they experience during the whole recruiting process, from sourcing and screening to interviewing, hiring and finally onboarding.

Candidates who had a positive candidate experience will more likely to accept your job offer over another, reapply in the future if they were unsuccessful and recommend your business to others. However a negative candidate experience can cost you more than a candidate, it can cost your business. When that candidate goes elsewhere your company won’t be recommended.

5: Candidate Relationship Management

Following on from point 4 improving your candidate relationship management methods and subsequently improving your relationships with potential and future candidates makes the recruitment process easier.

This doesn’t need to be anything drastic, put Service Level Agreements in place. Utilise your diary and reminder function more effectively, the key to good candidate relationships is communication.

6. Social Recruiting

We are moving on from the days when Companies should rely solely on job boards. Social recruiting goes beyond posting a job on sites like Indeed and on your company website.

Using social media to market your roles means using some creativity, a catchy picture or a trending hashtag will increase the volume of traffic to your ad and subsequently your company.

Use social media to proactively search for potential job applicants, by contacting them through these channels they are more likely to respond when a notification pings to their phone.

7. Passive Candidate Sourcing

A passive candidate is best described as employed but not currently looking for a new opportunity. They account for a whopping 75% of the talent pool!
Passive candidates have a certain allure to them. The thinking is that this person is presumably happy in their current job, and likely the kind of high-performer an employer would do their best to keep.

A Recruitment Partner is the best way to source passive candidates. Whilst your Business pool of contacts is limited a Recruiter spends their days actively sourcing candidates and making introductions. Utilising a Recruitment Partner will ensure that you are tapped into the passive candidate market.

If you need any assistance with recruitment or hiring strategies in 2019 get in contact with King Recruit today. Contact one of our talented team on 01392 790725 or email enquiries@kingrecruit.com