Ever been led by a Mushroom (everyone’s in the dark), a Seagull (swoops in, squawks & dumps), or a Kipper (two-faced and gutless)? You certainly know the leadership style you don’t want to emulate. In reading this article you’re in the elite minority, you consciously think what leadership style you’d like to be known for.


“You’ve got to be hungry – for ideas, to make things happen and to see your vision made into reality.”

Dame Anita Roddick. Human Rights Activist Founder of The Body Shop

As a leader, naturally you are always thinking of ways things can be done better. This also applies to your leadership style. Working on the ‘way’ you do things will launch your success into a different sphere altogether, whether you are a divisional manager or CEO of your organization.

Here are 5 steps to defining and improving your signature Leadership Style


In short, be bold and use your personality. Holding back, is holding you back. Few would describe Richard Branson as a wizard of communication, but a visionary of our time who wasn’t too proud to make mistakes – yes. Dare to make mistakes and be proud to apologise.

Ask yourself – How could I be more daring?


You only have to Google Leadership to find a plethora of well-documented leadership styles: Democratic; Coaching; Visionary; Commanding, Inclusive and so on.

Get to know your leadership style inside and out. Take five of your most trusted colleagues or peers and ask them what your key strengths are; Review each interaction & each meeting on a weekly basis and become more aware of your strengths and style. Read the next best business guru auto-biography or consider undertaking Myers-Briggs or Belbin’s psychometric testing to assist in the process.


Simply put, actively work to expand leadership style(s) you find harder. One size does not fit all, and there are certain environments such as heavy industry where directive and pace-setting leadership is more appropriate. Whereas, an educational establishment would be more inclusive and visionary.

Identify areas of your leadership that need expanding upon, and work to blend them with your signature style. Therefore expanding your appeal across a variety of situations and scenarios.


The best leaders are socially aware and enable teams to innovate. Leading a highly motivated workforce only leads to greater creativity, productivity and a high level of staff engagement.

Not only being aware of what you already bring to teams but could also give to them going forward will set the path to greater resilience and own job satisfaction. Be true to yourself.


Set your direction and be clear on your outcomes. Whether it’s Bill Gates desire for everyone to have a personal home computer ($85 Billion personal wealth later), or the late Dame Anita Roddick’s passionate desire to put an end to Animal Testing, a clear vision of the future is very compelling.

So, be memorable, stand-out, actively work on your leadership skills and personal vision for the future. And revisit as often as possible, whatever your outcome, you’ll succeed. You may surprise yourself by exceeding what you set out to do.


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