Summer is here – Are you ready?

In the blink of an eye, Q3 has officially arrived.  With the arrival of Summer, the end of the year seems to be getting closer. In the King Recruit office, our Q3 preparation is in hand, paving the way for some exciting projects in the coming months such as a new website and some in-house hiring!

Now is a great time to take stock. Remember the goals you set at the start of the year, either personally or for your Team; how are they shaping?

King Recruit are asking, is it time to spring clean your work habits?

Here are King Recruit’s realistic habits to help you jump into action.

As a Leader it’s easy to focus on your team and forget about yourself and your needs. The start of Summer is a perfect time to take stock and identify areas in which you could be stronger and plan to improve. As a Leader there may never seem like a good time to take a break, but to be an effective leader your increased productivity and motivation will more than make up for the time you take off.


Employees will naturally do things because of what they get out of it. However, each employee will be seeking something different. Take the time to find what drives them. You would assume that money is a motivator, but for most a raise may be a driving factor for the short term, a lot of employees respond to being given additional responsibilities, feeling challenged or given the opportunity to voice ideas and opinions. Recognising your employees and actively developing them will ensure their respect and their productivity.


Communication is one of the vital skills of a Leader. You cannot lead if you can’t communicate your vision or motivate your team if they can’t understand what it is you want. Communication is a 2-way street. Not only should you be able to communicate with your staff, but, listening to what they have to say is just as, if not more important. When you listen well, you gain a clear understanding of another’s perspective. Listening to your employees creates an environment of trust, respect, and openness.


Delegation is one of the most important skills a Leader can possess and one of the hardest to develop. Many feel that giving up control will result in more work than if they had just done it themselves or a sub-standard finished article. However, placing trust in and delegating to your best performers will nurture a sense of ownership. Employees who feel trusted by their employers are far more likely to take personal pride in a task and feel a sense of accomplishment when complete. You are then free to put time into other projects.


Leaders who are a visible presence on the floor and actively support their employees create a positive example for their staff. They also enforce the idea that we’re all in this together. How you behave sets the tone for how your Team perceives you. If you’re out there with them, roll up your sleeves and get stuck in, show that you as a Leader share the same sacrifices as them.


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