If your business finds that you continually struggle to attract top talent to your business, then there could be a number of reasons for this. You may be failing to take advantage of the skills of a specialist recruiter. Your job ads may be poor, or you may be advertising your jobs in the wrong places. But if you’re managing to find the top talent you want but are finding them dropping off during the recruitment process then you’re hiring process is almost certainly far too long, and that could be seriously harming your business. We take a look at four reasons why you should make your hiring process as speedy, effective and efficient as it can be:

1)  The best candidates aren’t on the market for long

When a top performing candidate comes into the job market, as you would expect, they are inundated with recruiting requests and offers. This means that they’re almost certainly not going to be on the market for long. If your company’s hiring process isn’t streamlined and drags on for weeks, the most sought-after prospects will have a number of opportunities to accept an offer elsewhere while you are still in the midst of your hiring process. Many won’t wait to decline a current offer that may soon expire in favour of a possible future offer from you.

2)  Slower decision making isn’t better decision making

It’s a fact of life that in many situations, slower decisions offer result in being better decisions. For example, choosing a new property is not something you rush into, and you make take months or even years to find that perfect place, make an offer and secure the home of your dreams. You’re almost certainly going to get a better property this way than rushing the whole process and making an offer on the first house you see.

However, when recruiting, slower decision making isn’t better decision making. You may assume that having more time to gather applicants, research them and interview them would result in better hires. However, as mentioned above, the longer your recruitment process, the more time there is for your top candidates to accept offers elsewhere because they will be in high demand. Working with a dedicated executive search firm can help to speed up your hiring process and ensure that you get the best candidate for your business.

3)  The longer your recruitment process… the more money you’re losing and this can run into hundreds if not thousands of £££

You’re hiring someone because your business needs a particular skill set. The longer your business is without that particular skill set then your business isn’t functioning as effectively and efficiently as it should. You may be having to pay for an interim consultant to work the role while you appoint a new member of staff or you maybe having to deploy staff from other areas to cover. Both of these short-term solutions are costing your business every day and can soon amount to significant sums.

4)  Slow recruitment processes are not a good advert for your business

Recruitment is just as much about the candidate assessing your business as it is you assessing them. Good candidate experience is crucial if you’re going to attract the best talent, and one of the bugbears of all candidates is a lengthy hiring process. It goes further than that, however, because it portrays your business in a negative light. Do the best candidates want to work for companies that take ages to make decisions on things? Or would they like to work for a company that makes considered but quick and bold decisions?

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