Fact: When you hire the right cultural fit you stand a better chance of that candidate being successful in their new position.

Your values align and therefore everyone is moving in the same direction. If a candidate’s values match your own they will naturally fit within your existing team and be determined to work harder to achieve their goals.


When it comes to choosing the best candidate for your vacancy, the right candidate should fit these three key components:

  • Their ability to do the job;
  • Their desire to work for your company;
  • Their fit into your companies’ culture.


It’s sometimes easy to overlook the third component when you are presented with a candidate, who, on paper looks perfect, but, if the culture fit isn’t there you could be left short.


Choosing the right candidate ensures that he or she will work comfortably and excel in your work environment as their values and core beliefs match your own. One challenge for employers is to hire and identify the employees who fit their culture. The second challenge is to shape the culture of the business to ensure success.


The company’s employees must, therefore, be trusted to balance the workplace culture.


But how do you find the right fit? Here is King Recruit’s 5-point guide on what to look out for during the selection process.


  • Team orientated: An employee who professes to working well in a team, and who values the input of a variety of people will work well in an organisation that encourages teamwork and believes that teams are integral to daily operation. An employee who wants to work alone the majority of the time may not find a good cultural fit in a team-oriented workplace.


  • Team fit: Invite candidates to meet their prospective team as part of the interview process to see how the team gels, sometimes it’s a good idea to do this in an informal setting to put the team and candidate at ease. These are the people they’ll be seeing, supporting and working with on a daily basis, so you want to ensure there’s a mutual positive feeling among team members and a natural fit.


  • Accountability: An employee who wants to be told what to do and is happy to sit back and let others lead will not flourish in an organisation that emphasises employee empowerment and personal accountability.


  • Leadership: A leader whose style puts emphasis on commanding and controlling their team will not successfully lead in a business in which employees expect to have their opinions, decisions, and input taken into account and seriously considered.


  • Cultural Fit: Remember interviews work two ways. Candidates should demonstrate their capabilities and their values, but interviewers should clearly define the overall mission of your company and go into detail regarding the company culture, this way you are giving the candidate a chance to decide if the culture is right for them.


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