Recruitment Companies….Changing Lives?

Love them or hate them, everyone has an opinion on recruitment companies. The industry generally gets slated for hard sales techniques, treating candidates like a £ sign and just fulfilling a recruiter’s quota for placements. Candidates have been left in the dark about their application citing a lack of communication during the process.

It can be perceived that recruiters don’t know anything about the jobs they are recruiting for and at the end of the day recruiters take a big commission for just a bit of admin or bombarding their clients with CVs until one sticks.

A Good Recruiter does more than just get a candidate a job…..

With negative press out there for our industry the importance of a recruiter is somewhat overlooked, we don’t sell our candidates we change their lives.

A change of career can be just the start of a new life for professionals. They aren’t just changing their career, they’re maybe moving home, uprooting their family, and starting a whole new way of life. Any recruiter worth their salt will take all aspects of their career move into consideration.

Marie’s Story.

2 years ago Marie found out she had aggressive grade 3 breast cancer. After undergoing a double mastectomy, reconstruction, rounds of chemo and then contracting pneumonia and sepsis her outlook on life changed dramatically.

These events left the family feeling that life is too short and were looking to relocate from Peterborough to North Devon to start a new life by the sea.

Our Recruitment Director, Rebecca had the initial conversation and knew straight away that one of our key clients was a great fit for Marie’s background and experience as well as her personality. After 2 successful interviews and an accepted offer, Marie and her family are looking forward to starting their new chapter.

Some of our candidates want to continue in their current role and are not necessarily financially driven but are looking for a change. A good recruiter will see that and research opportunities that suit their candidate’s requirements i.e flexible working, working closer to home or providing the opportunity to grow and develop.

Simon’s story.

Simon had been a client of ours for 4 years. Under quite challenging circumstances he’s worked for an SME manufacturer with fluctuating cashflow issues, and having worn a number of ‘hats’ within the business, including being an active board member, he decided to take the tough decision of leaving without another job to go to!

As clients often become candidates and then clients again and Simon was no different! Our MD Helen led a targeted search on Simon’s behalf to find him the right opportunity.

Pitching his multifaceted skills was actually the easy part, but what was important to Simon was a company that had “positive challenges” and a modern view on work/life balance and flexibility. We were able to secure him an amazing opportunity within 2 months that fitted with his personal motivations and no doubt he will become our next new client!

If you are looking for a change in direction a good Recruiter could change more than just your career.


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