Face Key Recruitment Challenges Head On in 2018 With The Help Of an Executive Recruitment Partner.

Is there really a war for talent? Whilst it may not have quite gotten to being an actual battlefield, businesses are finding that their biggest challenge when trying to attract new staff is the amount of competition that is out there in what is an increasingly candidate-led market. This is one of the takeaways from Linkedin’s Global Recruiting Trends 2017 that surveyed the responsibilities of nearly 4000 corporate talent acquisition leaders across 35 countries. We take a look at this and some of the other key takeaways from this in-depth study and discuss why working with an executive search partner will be key to overcoming your recruitment challenges in 2018.

57% of companies say ‘Competition for Talent’ is the biggest recruiting challenge they face

Executive recruitment across all sectors is now a candidate driven market. What does this mean? It means that in some sectors whilst there used to be significant competition for many jobs leaving employers spoilt for choice, a shift in the availability of good quality talent for desirable positions has created an extremely candidate-driven market. This means that there is an increasing demand for a limited pool of suitably talented individuals for executive positions.

Working with an executive recruiter is the best step that you can take to overcome this challenge. Recruitment is an ever-changing environment and a professional recruiter is best-placed to focus on the right avenues to secure your business the very best talent. They have access to an extensive network of contacts that may uncover the perfect candidate who may not be actively looking for a new role, but would be interested if the right one comes along.

31% of UK business leaders will be increasing their recruitment budgets in 2018

According to the study, just under a third of all UK business leaders will be increasing their recruitment budgets in 2018. Recognising that recruitment is a key factor in business performance and growth, this means that some of your competitors will be stepping up their game when recruiting, making it increasingly difficult for you to attract key talent.

To counter this however doesn’t necessarily have to be about big increases in recruiting budgets. If you’re not currently using an executive search partner, then your business may not be recruiting as effectively and as cost-efficiently as possible. By bringing on board a recruitment partner, not only are you bringing on specialist skills and a network of high quality potential candidates, you’re also freeing up your own key members of staff to get on with what they’re good at.

It’s not just about the quality of hire, it’s about the time to hire

Of course the quality of hire is the most important result of any recruitment campaign. But what is known as time to hire is crucially linked to this and is something that the most savvy companies are now concentrating on more and more.

In a candidate driven market, it’s crucial that companies act fast when identifying ideal candidates, and their internal recruitment setups simply aren’t equipped to do this. Working with an executive search recruiter is simply the most efficient way of bringing on new and quality talent to your company.

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