With 80% of Executive jobs never getting advertised, engaging a pro-active approach is vital to securing that next strategic career move.
1) Network, Network and…Network

With a whopping 60% of jobs landed via ‘own network’ it really does support the old adage “it’s not what you know…it’s who you know”

Networking can open up opportunities for jobs that aren’t advertised. Staying pro-active by tapping into your offline and online networks is one method that really works. Undeniably, LinkedIn has increasingly become the ‘Professionals’’ networking platform. If you have the golden 500+ connections your personal potential connections are in excess of 30,000.

3 types of people to include in your circle:

  1. The Advocate. Knows you on a personal level. Acts as a trusted sounding board. Likely to be a friend or family member.
  2. The Strategic “In”. Well-connected individual. Demonstrates a willingness to make connections on your behalf. Likely a past boss or colleague.
  3. The Subject Matter Expert. Offers superior insight on specific industry. Can give an unbiased opinion. Likely a casual friend or family contact.
2) Get found in the maze – Be your own brand

Stopping short of being a real narcissist and having your own personally branded website, your presence and ‘personal brand’ online is key to increasing your chances of getting and securing your next winning appointment.

Adding keywords to your CV and LinkedIn profile will raise your profile and help you get found by Recruiters, Talent Managers and social media savvy Company Directors.

Registering your ‘key-worded’ CV on more exclusive sites like https://www.executivesontheweb.com and www.exec-appointments.com will also increase your chances of being found.


The future of CV’s is increasingly more visual and there are lots of online tools to create something that really complements your online presence. See King Recruit’s article here with links http://www.kingrecruit.com/how-to-survive-the-30-second-cv-scan/ If you feel brave or you’re in a specialized area such as technology, video CV’s are trending in the hiring world.

Useful links:

How to write a Killer LinkedIn Profile – YouTube

A LinkedIn Guide to finding a job 

3) Make the internet work for you

With the caveat of doing the ground-work and writing a target list of companies you’d like to work for, tools like Google Alerts, RSS Feeds and Job Alerts can do some of the hard work on your behalf.

With Google Alerts you can enter the type of information you want to receive on companies or industries and you can set a daily news alert delivered direct to your inbox. Companies that are growing are often hiring, and whether it’s a weekly reminder to visit their jobs page or a job alert, you can gain insight into what’s happening with certain businesses. Signing up for business daily newsletters is also a great way to see what’s going on with business growth and recruitment. http://www.insidermedia.com for example has regional daily e-newsletters with great content on top regional businesses, such as MBO’s, PE investments, office moves and growth.

4) Engage old and new marketing tools

Old school tactics still work. Putting pen to top grade paper with accompanying CV and writing to CEO’s/Hiring Managers is a strategy that still makes an impact.

Another good move, if you’re a board level executive, is to purchase a small VC/PE distribution list and fire off a carefully crafted email – you may land a few good leads if you sell you value-added skills correctly.

 5) “I’M HIRED”!

With the services sector equating for around 80% of business in the UK it’s a good time to ‘sell your own’ services. Management Consultancy has grown four times faster than the workforce growth rate. Management and technical consulting are one of the fastest growing industries at 44% growth in the last 10 years. If you want more flexibility, to potentially work from home and net more income for your particular skill – this is a viable option for so many in this ever increasingly flexible working world.


A good Search Recruiter /Head Hunter with a pro-active style that you can build a long-term relationship is still one of the most successful ways to find a strategic career move. With the recruitment industry worth a whopping £31.5billion (2016/17) it’s one that you shouldn’t ignore. Use your network to recommend a good Executive Recruiter, test their methodology and determine whether they’re the right fit for you. A recruiter that spends time to meet and thoroughly interview you is worth their salt, what should follow is a concerted and demonstrable effort, in making highly targeted introductions on your behalf. Followed by good consultation and feedback, no matter the outcome.

King Recruit is an Executive Recruiter in the Southwest. We proactively source strategic career moves for experienced professionals across the Southwest. We believe that by cultivating long-term loyal relationships with professionals and businesses – we get the best results.

For a confidential conversation about your next strategic career move, please contact Helen Plumridge MD of King Recruit, E: helen@kingrecruit.com M: 07808 537696