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How to stand out from the crowd and win your next job opportunity.

Yes, it’s an obvious statement but the UK jobs market has been hit hard.

Recent research by McKinsey says that 7.6m jobs are at risk in the UK and that is set to rise.

And, in the last couple of weeks alone, we’ve seen a steep rise in the number of job seekers.

Whilst the picture seems gloomy, you can take matters into your own hands with an effective and pro-active job search.


So, how do you stand out from the crowd and ENSURE that you win that next career opportunity?

Here is King Executives’s 10 point guide to help you maximise your success:

1) Globalise your search.

The obstacle has become the way! In other words, Covid-19 has changed the way we work forever. You could be working out of your house in Devon for a global business based in Japan. A bit of an extreme example, but you get the idea. Expand your search far and wide. You are unique and the world is literally your oyster! How great would it be to find a company where you could realise your full potential?

2) Go viral.

Why not go one step further with your personal brand, and create a great ‘onboarding’ video of yourself. It doesn’t have to be video excellence, just 2 or 3 minutes of you, your background, skills and unique selling points. Attach it with all of your job applications or if you are even braver and ‘actively looking’ on LinkedIn, pin it to the top of your profile. Be bold, think ‘how can I stand out from the crowd’? *I’ve used an app on this video called ‘Add Subtitles’ it’s free for a 3-day trial and it adds subtitles for you – an added bonus!

3. Optimise LinkedIn.

With a global database of 575 million+ It’s an absolute ‘no-brainer’ to optimise getting found and noticed on LinkedIn. Improve your profile through keywording, list as many job title variations and skills as you can, improve your profile picture – we’re begging some of you to remove that picture of you at a wedding, and simply get your smart phone out and take a decent photo of yourself!! Don’t be afraid to say ‘looking for opportunities’, join groups, comment on relevant posts and isn’t it about time you increased your network and followers in your industry?

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4) Design a knock out CV.

In writing this, it’s surprising really that applying for jobs still requires a good all traditional CV. But it doesn’t have to look tired and black and white. Our key principles are:

i) The first third is the ‘pièce de résistance’, your soundbite, your PR. It should not only convince the reader strongly that it’s worth reading the rest of your CV but that they should interview you, even if you don’t have every box ticked. You’ve impressed them that much. How? Give them your achievements, give them your personal ROI, if you’ve saved your previous business £20m shout about it, tell them how you delivered that campaign that won awards. If you haven’t bragged before, isn’t it about time you did?

ii) Make it ascetically pleasing. We compel you to reach out to the multitude of CV cites that help you deliver a colourful, well designed and digestible format. Please ditch the black and white old school style CV using word and use PDF to achieve your personal brand. Please see a great site here that will help you….

iii) Our last request. ‘Please, please, please match your CV content to your LinkedIn profile’. I would be rich if I had a pound for every CV I received that didn’t match the LinkedIn profile in terms of dates, job titles, and so on.

Isn’t it about time that you spent the time designing an amazing CV that stands out from the crowd?

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5. Multiple projects lead to multiple successes.

Simply, increase your lines of enquiry. Be targeted yes, but whereas before you needed to apply for 3 or 4 positions, consider increasing your chances and increasing that to 10 or 15. Of course, you will have done everything we’ve suggested about standing out from the crowd, but you will be meeting stiff competition out there, and you’ll need to expand your search if you haven’t done already. So, ask yourself this question, am I doing enough of the right activity to achieve results and land myself with interviews?

6. Network. Network. Network.

Fact: 75% of job seekers gain a new position via their own network. The old adage of referrals and ‘who you know’ still absolutely works and it’s the best way of getting introduced to the right contact at the right business. Don’t overlook your aunty, uncle, cousin, friend’s husband, ex-colleagues or old class mate – the six degrees of separation has become two degrees. Networking for networking’s sake is also alive and well, and there are scores of online networking and webinars taking place every day. Check out Eventbrite and LinkedIn. Ask yourself, have I been overlooking people in my network?

7. Follow-up that job application!

Pick up the phone, it’s permanently attached to your hand anyway, it always amazes me the number of people who don’t follow up their job application with a good old fashioned phone call!! Picture the hiring manager, currently they are sat at home just like you and I, perhaps more than ever, needing some human interaction with someone else – imagine how you could stand out from 50 applicants just by a phone call follow up?


8. Get video interview savvy!

We have dedicated a blog to this, and it’s easy to overlook the importance of practising how you will come across in a video interview. Things like facing left or right rather than centrally, having an ironing board in the background, Wifi disturbance or still worse, not dressing the part are all things to consider. For many roles, it will also be important to practice presenting via video, so why not use this time to practice delivering your own masterclass in presentation skills?

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9. Demonstrate your AQ!

Just when you thought it was enough to have strong IQ and EQ, in walks AQ, in other words adversity quotient or to you and I, resilience.

Never before have we needed to have the ability to be resilient in the face of adversity and change.

  • So when have you bounced back?
  • Can you demonstrate when you have applied agility and resilience?
  • How will you handle working in the biggest recession in recent history?
  • How will you manage change in people, business direction and working conditions?
  • Can you demonstrate all of this in the first third of your CV, your PR video and your LinkedIn profile?

10. Enlist a pro-active and supportive recruiter.

Of course we had to mention us. But I’m also speaking for all of the fantastic recruiters out there. As a community, we are hugely resilient, hugely resourceful and we are still all passionate about finding jobs for great people in the marketplace. Share the job of looking for your next job and partner with a great recruiter.

So there you have it, 10 ways to stand out from the crowd and win that amazing next job opportunity!

To conclude, which industries are recruiting?

Pharmaceutical | Healthcare | EdTech and Online Learning | Construction and Utilities | Call Centres

Manufacturing and logistics | Finance | Shipping and delivery | Food


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