Although we only have one-quarter of 2019 left September can feel like a fresh start for a multitude of reasons. We move away from our summer holiday period and back into our routines, our children return to school, autumn is just around the corner.

In the world of work, everyone is focussed on Q4, there’s a surge to find new hires and it’s often a time when people switch jobs having had ‘reflection time’ over the summer.

From childhood we are programmed to see September as the start of many things. All of the effort goes into August to prepare our younger-selves, we look to the school year ahead and think of higher grades, challenges of exams, moving up a year and into tougher classes.


This programming from such an early age makes September an excellent time to finish existing projects, take stock of the past 9 months and plan for the final quarter and…dare we say it, get excited and reignite your ‘joie de vivre’


Here are King Recruit’s top 5 maximisers for September and beyond.


1) Look to 2020.

If you are too focused on ending 2019 with a bang, it’s easy to forget about starting strong in 2020. Start thinking about what you want to achieve next year and the steps you can take to put that plan into action. If you are at a crossroads in your career, now could be the time to revisit your CV or your portfolio, ready to hit the job boards when they spring back to life. If you wait until January you are already too late, planning in January means a month wasted into the new year.

2) Re-evaluate your goals

Remember the goals you made at the start of the year? Now is the perfect time to re-evaluate. Are you any closer to achieving your goals, or maybe they weren’t obtainable! Take stock and look at what you can continue to do for the remainder of the year and what isn’t a priority. Maybe the year has thrown you some curveballs, do you need to switch your focus?

Helen, MD of King Recruit says, “Visit something you’ve been procrastinating on for a long time, perhaps even since January 2019. Now is the time to tackle it head on and make some major progress – and if it’s something you simply can’t get traction on, erase it and move on to the next project that feels exciting and productive”

3) Plan for the festive Season.

No-one really wants to start thinking about Christmas. However, rather than seeing Christmas as a period of inactivity where everyone slows down, how about seeing it as a chance to network and get out there? The end of the year is packed full of social events so it’s a gold-mine for marketing yourself and your business, person-to-person. The holidays give you a great reason for making contact and networking when you may not otherwise.

4) Take advantage of the September rush

Everyone is now thinking along the same lines in September, after the holiday period there may be a rush in September, as predictably, everyone looks to make plans for the new year or hit their goals for Q4. Take advantage of this boom in business, this could be an ideal time to launch a new product, website or career!

5) Or take advantage of a possible slump.

September rush not quite hitting your inbox, no problem. How about using this downtime to sort out all of those niggly jobs that you’ve been putting off, or that have dropped down your priority list? Maybe you need to revisit your marketing, your website content, your data or have a sort of your shared drives. Start the clear out ready for a fresh start in 2020.

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