As we move further into the digital age is it time to leave the face to face interview in the past?

More and more employers are becoming flexible regarding employees work patterns, providing workers with remote working, so why can’t we be more flexible in the interview process? If your business shows itself to be flexible from the start it sets a good impression for future employees.

Digital interviews have predominantly been used when a business is looking to hire across the country and a long commute for an interview isn’t feasible or the candidate or job role requires a relocation.


But could the digital interview process benefit the candidate and employer regardless of their location?


King Recruit have devised some compelling reasons to take your interviews digital!


Digital Interviews save time:

With job seekers and employers juggling their working day it saves time to be able to sign into your interview rather than travel to it. We’re all working longer hours and savouring our annual leave – for simply that! With the option of digital interview, the issue of travel and that of its accompanying considerations (and sometimes problems), is taken out of the equation. Lastly, it can save time by compressing the first stage interview, especially if you have a high volume of candidates to interview.


Digital Interviews save money:

The cost spent on travelling to your interview could be expensive, unaccounted expenses such as a taxi ride if public transport is out of action can all add up, whereas skype interviews are free. If your business doesn’t have the space to conduct an interview, rather than hiring somewhere for a face to face, conduct your interview in your office, online at no charge!


Digital Interviews mean you can interview more candidates:

If you can only run interviews on a certain day not every candidate will be in a position to take time out from their current role however it’s almost certain that these candidates will have access to their phone or laptop that day. A digital interview means you widen the pool of candidates you can see.


Digital Interviews connect you to candidates from anywhere:

If you’ve received an application from a candidate who currently lives in France but is moving back to the UK or interviewing a candidate for a position on the other side of the country a digital interview gives you the opportunity to interview the candidate without having to organise any travel or incur costs.


Digital Interviews can be less stressful:

Unless you have a major broadband failure, with a digital interview, it’s pretty plain sailing. Before a face to face interview you need to get ready, prepare, face any commuting or weather issues and then arrive possibly flustered. With an online interview, it’s a case of preparing and then turning on your laptop. Simple! If the next round of interviews require face to face the candidate would have already met you online, meaning that they are more likely to perform better at the next stage.


Digital Interviews give you a good insight into the candidate.

By conducting an interview digitally you get to see first-hand how capable that candidate is technically or how they cope should any issues arise. How do they react if the broadband speed drops and there’s a time lapse, or a slight malfunction with their phone or laptop, how do they handle the situation? Can they fix the issue or come up with an alternative?

The vast majority of digital interviews are conducted at the candidate’s home address. Did the candidate choose a good quiet location in which they won’t be disturbed, is their space tidy and free of distraction and are they prepared with a drink and any notes that they might require?


Here’s a link to the best technology for remote interviews.

WhatsApp is also surprisingly good!


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