Deputy Chief Technology Officer

£80M t/o Software and SaaS PLC in the Southwest


As per 30% of our appointments every year, this was an example of a company creating a position around the individual,  based on King taking a strategic and pro-active targeted approach to representing this exceptional candidate in the market place. The company was specifically targeted due to the market knowledge that they were launching a brand new technology team around app based software, that had already been trialled with some of their existing customer base within the education sector. The project was almost laying dormant, until a very savvy People Director picked up on the skills of our candidate and what he could offer the business.


The candidate in question, was an Entrepreneurial CTO / VP Engineering / Product Officer – with over 15 years board level commercial, strategic, technical, architectural and creative leadership experience in all phases; from start-up, through scale-up, to global corporate (and back again). He was a  “T-shaped” and accomplished leader and previously exited founder who had previously co-founded a start-up, scaled from 2 people to 64 people and ran until acquisition; a studio that developed market leading, innovative eCommerce apps and immersive iGaming and sports products.

Through a series of meet ups and more formal interviews, the company and the candidate went forward with a successful appointment.


Our professional was hired as Deputy CTO with a starting salary of c£170K + performance related bonus + equity and laterally an opportunity to join the board.

The whole process from start to finish was fairly rapid and took 3 weeks.